Six Steps To Make Resolutions Stick

Impossible Is Nothing
Impossible Is Nothing

Click here to read the six steps from an Everyday Health article.

Or, simply read my list that says the same thing, just differently:

  1. Make your goal impossible
  2. Start small, I mean seriously small
  3. Plan on it taking the rest of your life
  4. Do it for someone else, someone really (significantly) important
  5. Plan for set backs and mis-steps
  6. Have fun and reward yourself occasionally
  7. (Bonus step) Search, and find, your indomitable will along way

Ready, set, go!


Is The Sky On Fire?

Mid Life Dreams.  We all have them. We all like them.  We all want them to come true.

This is probably where we take a wrong turn. Somewhere. Somehow. It happens.

But we are completely unaware.  For a long time. A really long time. Maybe a couple decades.

We somehow miss the turn, get lost, and then end up at the proverbial midlife crisis.

It’s a ton of work to overcome decades of status quo.

It’s a ton of work to start a business. It’s a ton of work to get healthy and stay healthy. It’s a ton of work to save enough for retirement. It’s a ton of work to have a peaceful and contented spirit.

Everything is a ton of work.

It’s very similar to the early pioneers. This is the follow up video to the one from a few weeks ago. It was the burning sunset that prompted me to stop.

Unscripted and one-take, the way You Tube videos are traditionally done.


What Would You Do?

No Easy Answer
No Easy Answer

Two simple choices:

  1. Ease up and just deal with whatever comes your way
  2. Proactively, relentlessly pursue a cure

They both have pros and cons.

Welcome to life – the real world.

Two Simple Choices.  Pick One.
Two Simple Choices. Pick One.

Mid Life 1980

Is That A Bicyclist?
Is That A Bicyclist?

Mid Life in 1980?

Hardly.  I was 21. A senior in college, and a dreamer.

There was a movie that shaped the mid life celebration vision.  A mother was videotaping herself while she spoke to her unborn child.

She was dying of cancer and would never meet her child.

She wanted her child to be able to see and hear, directly from the video tapes, what she wished for her child and what she thought her child might want to know about their mother.

It was in the following days, on the lazy, sunny, fall days in West Chester, Pennsylvania that I dreamt of writing a book for my children.

The book would contain all the secrets of life, learned through books, travels and experiences.

While the Mid Life Celebration website is two years old, the name and vision are the same, what’s morphed is Mid Life Celebration’s purpose.

And it’s more exciting than I could have ever imagined 30 years ago. Ever feel like that?

Do you have important dreams from long ago that are more exciting today than when you first dreamt them?

How did you go about keeping them alive all these years?  Or, how did you go about reigniting the flames?



Mid Life Lies

Life's Big Four
Life's Big Four

Do you lie to yourself?  We all do.


So what are you going to do about it and when are you going to stop?

Mid Life Crisis.  Mid Life Celebration. Mid Life lies.

Life is about balancing life’s big four.  Life’s big four?

Yes. Life can be broken down into four basic segments:

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Spirit
  4. Money

It’s simple.  People think simple isn’t important. Simple is the most important of all.

That’s why no one has focused on it relentlessly.

Until 1980.