Would you buy indomitable will if it was for sale?

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where is indomitable will… even the way it sounds is more powerful than commitment, no?

Would you buy indomitable will if it was for sale? As we begin 2013, we’re reminded of last year:

  • the goals we set and met…
  • the goals we set and abandoned…
  • and the goals we wanted to set but didn’t…

As years pass by we become fairly predictable in our goal behavior, for all the reasons we carry with us year after year.

Enter unfailing determination.

How do we make that work? Who’s got time for that level of commitment?

Hey, what if we thought of it this way…. the time will pass anyway, why not keep going?

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How will we change the way we think this year?

Trees grow tall one year at a time
Trees grow tall one year at a time

How will we change the way we think this year? Do we need to change? Do we want to change? Have we for a long time? What will be different this year?

Not moving forward because it will take too long is interesting. The time will pass anyway, so why not start with the intention of never stopping. Ever. Again.

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Six Steps To Make Resolutions Stick

Impossible Is Nothing
Impossible Is Nothing

Click here to read the six steps from an Everyday Health article.

Or, simply read my list that says the same thing, just differently:

  1. Make your goal impossible
  2. Start small, I mean seriously small
  3. Plan on it taking the rest of your life
  4. Do it for someone else, someone really (significantly) important
  5. Plan for set backs and mis-steps
  6. Have fun and reward yourself occasionally
  7. (Bonus step) Search, and find, your indomitable will along way

Ready, set, go!

Simple Is Hard

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2010.

We all dream don’t we?  When does dreaming big ever get old?

Big goals and big dreams are a daily thought process for me.  

Big goals require a ton of work, which is why some big dreams have eluded me all my life.

What are your big dreams this year?

Do you have the indomitable will to do the things you’ve never done before?

Ever think about what it must have been like for our forefathers to tame this land we call America, or any land for that matter?

To tame it.

To make it work for them instead of being an overwhelming obstacle.

My big dream is to help others find their indomitable will.  Have been working very hard at this for a long time.

Have you ever worked really hard at something, for a really long time, and started to think that it’s wasn’t worth all the effort?

I thought so. And when I get frustrated, my thoughts automatically turn to the hardships, and indomitable will of our forefathers:

Wait, you didn’t even click on the video. You’re too busy.  Good luck with that.  Seriously.