How Much Is Enough?

How much is enough? Was speaking with my Banker friend yesterday. As he was listening to the vision of Mid Life Celebration, you could see and feel his interest in it’s long-term dream. The Mid Life Celebration dream is so far out there, it seems impossible. And yet, at it’s very core, it’s so ridiculously […]

MidLife Top Ten Lists

Lists. Top ten lists.  Mid life.  Midlife lists. Midlife top ten lists. Mind, Body, Spirit, Money. Life’s Big Four.  Life’s four big decision areas. All day long we make decisions around these four very simple concepts of mind, body, spirit and money. Mostly unaware. Having answers to critical questions empowers us with a peace that […]

Money Top Ten Questions

Top ten MONEY questions you should have answers to: 1.  Do you spend less than you earn? 2.  What is your net worth (assets minus liabilities)? 3.  Do you have a CPA and Attorney? 4.  Do you have a will? 5.  Is your image tied to your possessions? 6.  How much do you donate to […]