How Much Is Enough?

What Does Balance Mean To You?
What Does Balance Mean To You?

How much is enough?

Was speaking with my Banker friend yesterday.

As he was listening to the vision of Mid Life Celebration, you could see and feel his interest in it’s long-term dream.

The Mid Life Celebration dream is so far out there, it seems impossible.

And yet, at it’s very core, it’s so ridiculously simple and painfully obvious.

It’s the solution to life.

The Banker reminded me that “wealth” in one area doesn’t mean overall wealth, doesn’t mean balanced wealth.

And without balanced wealth, what do you think you get out of life?

Major Mid Life April Fool?


Mid Life Celebration has now been writing five daily blogs for one year.

This is not an April Fool’s joke (although the timing is perfect).

I remember how it all started.  March 2009.  Our 2nd-grade son was questioning why he had to read aloud 20 minutes every day.

“If you want to be a good reader, you need to read a lot”, I said.

Then I continued, “You know I’m training for the World Championships, right?  If I want to be a good runner, I need to run a lot.”

Then, the flash of light!

“If you want to be a good writer, you should write a lot.”

What started as a simple 100-day challenge to write daily, in the five blogs, has turned into a heretical marketing and brand value proposition.

MidLife Top Ten Lists

Are You Ready For Today?
Are You Ready For Today?

Lists. Top ten lists.  Mid life.  Midlife lists. Midlife top ten lists.

Mind, Body, Spirit, Money.

Life’s Big Four.  Life’s four big decision areas.

All day long we make decisions around these four very simple concepts of mind, body, spirit and money. Mostly unaware.

Having answers to critical questions empowers us with a peace that is unknown to people still searching.

What they are searching for and why they pass by the obvious, is understandable and it is also sad. Humans are conditioned to complicate life. Complicated does not get us closer to peace.

Only discernment, organization and finally, determination to be focused and disciplined.

I know well. It’s taken me 50 years to figure it out.  Ok, I’m slow. But also determined.

There is hope for you and your dreams. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times – there is no shortcut.

Money Top Ten Questions


Top ten MONEY questions you should have answers to:

1.  Do you spend less than you earn?

2.  What is your net worth (assets minus liabilities)?

3.  Do you have a CPA and Attorney?

4.  Do you have a will?

5.  Is your image tied to your possessions?

6.  How much do you donate to charity?

7.  Do you have a passive income source(s)?

8.  How are your investments and assets diversified?

9.  What size is your rainy day fund?

10.  What’s your retirement date, and plan afterwards?

These are the basic, fundamental questions you should have ready answers to. Money is the one most people struggle with understanding how it works.

There is a Peace that surpasses all anxiety, when we have a solid, practical, and proactive approach to Money.