Do this one thing today in which failure isn’t even remotely possible

Young white Lab pup sitting at attention
let’s do something small enough but still deserves an “atta-boy”


Our back-burner dreams: the best time to start on them was yesterday. The second best time is today.

Take one small, seemingly insignificant step today. Something so small, we can’t possibly fail.

“Atta-boy”! (or “Atta girl”)

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Six Steps To Make Resolutions Stick

Impossible Is Nothing
Impossible Is Nothing

Click here to read the six steps from an Everyday Health article.

Or, simply read my list that says the same thing, just differently:

  1. Make your goal impossible
  2. Start small, I mean seriously small
  3. Plan on it taking the rest of your life
  4. Do it for someone else, someone really (significantly) important
  5. Plan for set backs and mis-steps
  6. Have fun and reward yourself occasionally
  7. (Bonus step) Search, and find, your indomitable will along way

Ready, set, go!