What Makes You Feel Young?

Fertility Isn't An Entitlement
Fertility Isn't An Entitlement

Midlife crisis resulted, in part, because adults are living longer and therefore have to work harder on the upkeep of their most valuable asset.

Their life.

The mind must stay sharp. The body must stay active. The spirit must be nurtured. The job needs to be stable. The inbox remains unrelenting.

All these things are a fact of life and because midlife crisis is a relatively new issue (only since 1965), society hasn’t adequately addressed how to have a well balanced approach to aging.

Without balanced personal wellness, as people often call it, the aging process accelerates at a faster rate, which begs today’s question.

What makes you feel young?

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Skip Your Colonoscopy

Gamble With Your Health?
Gamble With Your Health?

This Everyday Health article summarizes how we should think and act when we begin to think about a midlife colonoscopy, and whether or not to delay it.

Makes us uncomfortable to think about someone sticking a small camera-tube up our rear end.  Doesn’t it?

Last year, like always, the annual physical was completed the first week of January.  Dr. Weinberger wrote the appropriate prescriptions for a mid life adult, and off I went.

It’s embarrassing to say, but I never got the colonoscopy last year.  Where did the time go?  How could I let this happen. At 50, we are supposed to get a routine colonoscopy, right?

And here we are in March already and I still haven’t had the annual physical.  It’s next week.

You know what last year feels like right now?  Gambling.

Is The Sky On Fire?

Mid Life Dreams.  We all have them. We all like them.  We all want them to come true.

This is probably where we take a wrong turn. Somewhere. Somehow. It happens.

But we are completely unaware.  For a long time. A really long time. Maybe a couple decades.

We somehow miss the turn, get lost, and then end up at the proverbial midlife crisis.

It’s a ton of work to overcome decades of status quo.

It’s a ton of work to start a business. It’s a ton of work to get healthy and stay healthy. It’s a ton of work to save enough for retirement. It’s a ton of work to have a peaceful and contented spirit.

Everything is a ton of work.

It’s very similar to the early pioneers. This is the follow up video to the one from a few weeks ago. It was the burning sunset that prompted me to stop.

Unscripted and one-take, the way You Tube videos are traditionally done.