Midlife crisis and the great Summer of 2013

  Midlife crisis and the great Summer of 2013. The crazy thing about how our Summer will turn out is simply this. We must stop wishing and just start doing things. Waiting for conditions to improve before we start living makes us criminals. Even reading this now, many of us are in denial. Come on […]

Please leave luggage unattended

  Lehigh Valley International Airport. Yesterday afternoon. Wondering how many and how significant the changes would be. Haven’t seen my in-laws in two years. Waiting for our ride, the airport PA system automated announcement: Please don’t leave luggage unattended. Isn’t that what causes a midlife crisis, leaving our luggage (life’s important priorities) unattended? … Today’s […]

Here’s how what’s possible becomes impossible

  To avoid a crushed spirit, resolve to enjoy your midlife celebration, rather than endure a midlife crisis. What is considered impossible is simply the consensus of outdated beliefs. – unknown Relentlessly, circumstances attempt to crush our midlife spirit. Celebrate your tenacity. * * * * * This month jeff noel is challenging Mid Life […]

This is not education, and the secret of what is

  Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. – Albert Einstein To me, our midlife crisis is positive proof that education failed to teach us what’s most important in life – to think for ourselves – to trust our gut.   This month jeff noel is challenging […]