Six Steps To Make Resolutions Stick

Click here to read the six steps from an Everyday Health article. Or, simply read my list that says the same thing, just differently: Make your goal impossible Start small, I mean seriously small Plan on it taking the rest of your life Do it for someone else, someone really (significantly) important Plan for set […]

Same Thing Different Words

Ever heard someone say what you say, but in a different way? How’d it feel? Some might feel threatened, because they thought their thoughts were original. Some rejoice because it validates their thinking and belief system. For me, it’s the latter. Click here to go to Brian K. Rice, and his LeadershipConnextions blog. Brian quotes […]

Joyful Anticipation

Do you look forward to each new day? I mean, with a joyful anticipation? Not an awful dread. This can be challenging to say the least. You have to suspect that some readers may not believe I have much experience with Hell, with challenges, problems, obstacles, fear, failure, struggle, grief, agony, hopelessness, strife, worry, doubt. […]