Is The Sky On Fire?

Mid Life Dreams.  We all have them. We all like them.  We all want them to come true.

This is probably where we take a wrong turn. Somewhere. Somehow. It happens.

But we are completely unaware.  For a long time. A really long time. Maybe a couple decades.

We somehow miss the turn, get lost, and then end up at the proverbial midlife crisis.

It’s a ton of work to overcome decades of status quo.

It’s a ton of work to start a business. It’s a ton of work to get healthy and stay healthy. It’s a ton of work to save enough for retirement. It’s a ton of work to have a peaceful and contented spirit.

Everything is a ton of work.

It’s very similar to the early pioneers. This is the follow up video to the one from a few weeks ago. It was the burning sunset that prompted me to stop.

Unscripted and one-take, the way You Tube videos are traditionally done.

Midlife Crisis In Women

What exactly is a midlife crisis for women?  It has different meaning for different people.  It’s 7:00AM here in Orlando. Just finished reading today’s article from Everyday Health, which speaks about midlife crisis affecting women.

Click here to read.

Why would you want to read this, if you’re a man?  Or if you’re a woman but have never had a midlife crisis?

Simply this, know that someday, if you are like most humans, you will come to the proverbial fork in the road.  And the road you’ve been on may not be the road you want to continue traveling on.

Mid Life Celebration was created years ago in an effort to work through my own mid life crisis.  It can be the best time in your life, but only if you embrace it’s reality with a sincere desire to be thankful for it, and, an uncommon passion to celebrate it.

Thankful for Pushy Women

Who loves pushy women?  I mean, who is completely thankful for pushy women?  What am I talking about?

Women who pushed the boundaries of what people thought women could do.  I don’t know what motivates or inspires you, however, it would seem that we all have more in common than we think.

Most people know and understand this simple truth – there are people who push the boundaries of what’s possible. They make the impossible, possible.  How can we not be thankful for that?

Wednesday in Alaska, I was simply walking through the Anchorage International Airport, and saw a picture on the wall, walked over to see what it was, read the description, gave thanks for Susan Butcher’s life, and then shot this short jeffnoelmidlife You Tube video: