He Said Pushing His Son To Excel Pushed Him Away

Going through each day of our lives, we are presented with a multitude of free learning opportunities. I often wonder how many I miss and how others feel about this concept. Yesterday in North Carolina, in complete casual conversation, I asked a stranger if he had any advice on raising boys, since his boy is […]

MidLife Heartbreak?

Midlife heartbreak or midlife opportunity.  Pretty simple.  Two choices.  You get to pick one. If you and your spouse (and yes, want to acknowledge some readers will not be parents), worked hard all your life and played by the rules, and you gave birth to a child without eyes and never able to walk, which […]

What Would You Do?

Two simple choices: Ease up and just deal with whatever comes your way Proactively, relentlessly pursue a cure They both have pros and cons. Welcome to life – the real world.

Promise Me

Have you ever done something you weren’t supposed to do?  And in order to do it, you had to do it in a sneaky way?  And often, there was a close friend who had already done the thing, and they helped you? Smoking, drinking, stealing, bad pranks, and so on. Seriously, these are things adults […]

Thanksgiving Tradition Cancelled?

“Dad, would you cancel Thanksgiving?”, my son responded brilliantly to my serious-sounding question. I had just antagonistically asked him, “We don’t need to go to Twistee Treat today.  I mean, we can skip one Monday.  It’s no big deal, right?  What’s one Monday?” Five years ago, I spontaneously suggested to our son, as we were […]