This Is Just For Me

So much travel

Ten days ago in Montana.

So much travel.

It was bound to happen.


Next life chapter.

A few October days of life on a college campus reminds me how seasons change without fail.

This new season of life has travel written all over it.

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Everything Is Important

Writer’s flood

Disney business author jeff noel
Yesterday morning 7am in a Nursing Home.


Funeral planning
From a Facebook update.


Alzheimers disease statistics
Bulletin board in Nursing home.


Alzheimers disease statistics
Bulletin board in Nursing home.


Alzheimers disease statistics
Bulletin board in Nursing home.


Allentown Dieruff High School
Allentown Dieruff High School tour prior to reunion.


Allentown Dieruff High School sports
Allentown’s Dieruff High School opened in 1959…the 1st Cross Country team.


Allentown Dieruff High School
About a dozen classmates and a few spouses took the High School tour.


old type writer
Library display.


Allentown Dieruff High School weight room
Public High School weight room.


Allentown Dieruff High School lobby
Allentown Dieruff High School lobby.


Allentown Dieruff High School reunion
Our table.


Allentown Dieruff High School reunion
Final class dance.


Allentown Dieruff High School reunion
Head Majorette and her guest last night.


Old cigarette ad
A time capsule from 1972 (freshman year for Dieruff’s class of 1976). The article is ridiculous old yet how did advertising people think it had integrity?


Allentown Dieruff High School reunion
Final photo last night.


Writer’s flood.

Too many thoughts.

Too many lessons.

Too many memories.

From just a single day.


But i will try to say a lot in today’s five posts, without writing a lot.

Wish me luck.




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Dear Readers

Baby Boomer truth or dare…

Remembering Walt, my favorite Walt Disney book
Boomers watched Walt Disney original broadcasts, not reruns


If we are not willing to learn, no one can help us.

If we are determined to learn, no one can stop us.

Live without excuses.

We are smart enough now, as Boomers, to completely get this.

Walt Disney has inspired countless Boomers (including me) to keep learning.

But this can’t be something reserved for Fantasyland.

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Mid Life Crisis Is When...

Reading is fundamental, and often flawed

A box of Kellogg's Krave cereal serves as a metaphor
Do we crave improvement or stability?


Can’t start the next chapter of our life if we keep re-reading the last one.

Do we crave stability or continuous improvement?

Do we survive or thrive?

reThink – rePrioritize – reCommit

It’s up to us to stay or go.

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This Is Just For Me

Zen & The Art Of Teaching

Uncommonly Insightful
Uncommonly Insightful

William Glasser suggests this is the way we learn, and more importantly, retain information, yet his ideas, which focus on personal choice, personal responsibility and personal transformation, are considered controversial by mainstream psychiatrists.

What all of us can consider not controversial, is the simple fact that we are born, we live and learn, and then we die.

What and how we do it, and the impact we make, is up to us. Period.

Next Blog.