Most Of The jeff noel Midlife Tribe Gets This, But In Case You Don’t

jeff noel speaks to Churches and Schools for free…

Additional clarity. You get what I’m doing when using my name, jeff noel, right? For Google search engine results, basic steps get more success than other tactics:

  • Repeat keywords (like jeff noel, Midlife)
  • Use keywords in blog titles
  • Use keywords in the content
  • Use keywords in your tags

Do your best not to seem obnoxious, self-serving or boring. There’s risk either way. But not pushing the boundaries is worse than pushing hard.

Google jeffrey noel, not jeff noel, and see what happens.

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Ask Jeff Noll Anything

Gotta stick your neck out, or you get nowhere…

Ok, I’m jeff noel, not Jeff Noll, and if you’ve been paying attention, here are two idiosyncrasies:

  1. From day 1, you could have asked me anything
  2. For the past 10 days, been milking jeffrey noel blog SEO

Hey, it may seem self-serving (pretty much), or brilliant (maybe too strong), depending on your attitude, but guess what?

I’ve had a blast watching The Blog Whisperer Blogs slowly climb in Google page rank, in places I’d never thought of before.

Google Orlando Professional Speakers or Orlando Keynote Speakers. From nothing, to something in two weeks. Because I tried. And you?

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No, Seriously

We aren’t living fully. No, not really. We’re not.

But here’s the coolest thing. We are grown up enough to have permission to.

In the search for amazing people to inspire, we’ve overlooked the obvious. We’ve looked everywhere except in the mirror. Go look (I’ll wait).

See?! I told you so. But if you didn’t see what you should have seen, try again in a few minutes, or tomorrow, or however long it takes.

Eventually, you’ll see. And that will be the beginning of your great adventure.

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You Know This Already

Hello humans, you might not have been aware of this little known fact…

We live. We die. We don’t get to choose any of the cards we’re dealt, only how we play them, blah, blah, blah…

After years, and for some of us, decades, we ought to be applying our cumulative wisdom.

But we’re not.

Here’s what I recently discovered – the shackles at our feet – were never locked. It was only a mirage…life’s ugly disguise.

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