Mid Life Stuff

How much is enough?  A famous and sultry actress from yesteryear, Mae West once said, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful”. We can assume she wasn’t talking about stuff. Anyway, the question still remains. And some collect stuff that defies logic, common sense, basic hygiene, and fundamental organizational skills for practical living. Excessive […]

Tell Show Involve

Tell me. Show me. Involve me. Common sense is hardly common practice. If anyone has anything to help my Family find peace and comfort as we say good bye to our beloved Canine Son, Carter, please know you may leave comments here or email them to jeff.noel@me.com , if you’d like to remain private.

MidLife Top Ten Lists

Lists. Top ten lists.  Mid life.  Midlife lists. Midlife top ten lists. Mind, Body, Spirit, Money. Life’s Big Four.  Life’s four big decision areas. All day long we make decisions around these four very simple concepts of mind, body, spirit and money. Mostly unaware. Having answers to critical questions empowers us with a peace that […]