Consistently and without fail is not a pipe dream

  To be able to consistently, and without fail, tap into inner strength at any given moment would be wonderful. It’s difficult. But not impossible. All we have to do is convince ourselves without a shadow of a doubt. It’s easy to convince ourselves that there are exceptions. Maybe there are. Maybe there aren’t. This is […]

Mid Life Updates

Happy Monday everyone.  Hope you had a great weekend. I actually worked Saturday at my “real job” – yes, I’m a career employee at a large company. This whole five daily blogs thing is like a hobby, like growing a garden or something. And as any avid gardener will tell you, “It’s a labor of […]

MidLife Heartbreak?

Midlife heartbreak or midlife opportunity.  Pretty simple.  Two choices.  You get to pick one. If you and your spouse (and yes, want to acknowledge some readers will not be parents), worked hard all your life and played by the rules, and you gave birth to a child without eyes and never able to walk, which […]