Will this day become memorable?

Age and youth collide


(photo: Not quite four, not quite 89. One learned to walk in the past couple years. For the other it’s impossible.)

A steady dose of, “Who cares?”

January 5, 2015. Will this day be remembered on April 15, 2015?

You know, the early morning part of saying goodbye to aging parents, the rental car return, the non-stop flight to Walt Disney World, the temperature change, the home inspection after being gone for 10 days?

Will the observations, conversations, fun, food, concerns, insights – will any of these matter in 100 days?

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Is finding a creative, unique way to find joy an art form?

rubiks cube
Art doesn’t have to be colorful or complex, but it does require thought


(note: little longer than normal post)

Our struggles are our friends, even if they do not seem so. As you read the struggle here, contemplate your own, and what will it take to inspire you to keep moving forward.

Struggling with writing 100 days ahead. Why? Because it’s weird. And yet at the same time, it feels like art.

Art is doing something differently than tradition. Or it can be doing tradition differently.

Perhaps you even do something remarkably.

In a way that others remark.



Doesn’t matter.

When things are done the way they have always been done, there is no conversation.

Today is the first day of Autumn and it’s the third day of the new year.

Does it even matter?

A resounding no – for almost everyone – for the herd.


To some, possibly.

What is our art?

It might be the way we live our life or the way we help others.

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Pausing for a midlife moment of silence

Jet plane cruising above clouds at sunset
Cruising day-to-day on auto-pilot?


Pausing for a midlife moment of silence. I’m writing this post 102 days before September 11. You’re reading it now on 9/11.

There’s something extraordinarily calming, stimulating, liberating, and educational about not going with traditional herd-mentality mass market hype saturation which surrounds big-time anniversary dates.

Not a fan of that. Too limiting.

Why do we only celebrate our birthday once a year? Everyday sounds much more alive.

Pausing this morning, Friday May 31, and wondering where America is with their memory of where they were when the world stopped turning.

And wondering were are all the American flags that used to be on our vehicles, in our lawns, and on our lapels.

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Mixed midlife emotions can be amazing or a train wreck

Life's Big Choices
life’s four big choices, plus a fifth, the large box which houses the others


Mixed midlife emotions can be amazing or a train wreck. I hope for you it’s amazing.

What’s mixed for me, in case you’re wondering, is being Thanksgiving-Day thankful combined with pushing groundbreaking boundaries.

Dear Son, it’s Thanksgiving Day 2012, in real time (as this is written privately), and there’s only 28 days (also in real time as we read this publicly now) until you and I reach year four of what was only supposed to last 100 days. I love you.

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