What’s in store for American’s today, New Year’s Eve 2012

What’s in store for American’s today, New Year’s Eve 2012? Parties? Resolutions? Drama? Peace? Nothing? Whatever we decide to do today, let’s hope we do it in a spirit of gratitude and hope. Gratitude we made it through. Hope we’ll do the same next year too. Next Blog  

Welcome Spring, We’ve Been Expecting You, Like We Do Every Year

Spring signals nature that it’s time for rebirth. Like clockwork. Nature doesn’t fear Winter, it simply adapts/prepares for the inevitable. Insight: Dear Son, pay attention to nature. This is all the research you need to understand life’s basic truths. Next Blog

jeff noel Shares A Mid Life Celebration Christmas Tradition Different From Yesterdays

Midlife Celebration has a 12-year Christmas tradition delivering Food For Families in West Orange County every Christmas morning. As a blessed-beyond-measure Baby Boomer, I wanted to start a Family tradition that put the focus on others first. The commercialization of material Christmas gifts lures me in the wrong direction. Next Blog

Mid Life Celebration Invites You To Share A Special Christmas Tradition

A Mid Life Celebration Christmas tradition my wife started was the basic milk and cookies left out for Santa. But what Cheryl has done to plus it up is share a special note from Santa to our Son, recapping Chapin’s past year. It’s a marvelous way to help him appreciate his past year’s milestones. Time […]