Can a once a year tradition and daily traditions transform us?

Food For Families Thanksgiving Day deliveries


(photo: Boxes of food waiting to be delivered to needy families on Thanksgiving morning 2014 – two days ago)

Do you have end of the year holiday traditions?


For how long?

How’d they start?

Why do you keep them alive?

Ever do something for so long you start to take it for granted?

Maybe, right?

What about daily traditions? Is there such a thing?

What about attitude traditions?

Say, making a tradition of subsituting challenge or opportunity in place of problem?

Can a once a year tradition and daily traditions transform us?

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PS. One more day of ‘first month retirement’.

jeff noel Shares A Mid Life Celebration Christmas Tradition Different From Yesterdays

Delivering Food For Families On Christmas Day Is A 12-Year Midlife Celebration Tradition

Midlife Celebration has a 12-year Christmas tradition delivering Food For Families in West Orange County every Christmas morning. As a blessed-beyond-measure Baby Boomer, I wanted to start a Family tradition that put the focus on others first. The commercialization of material Christmas gifts lures me in the wrong direction.

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Mid Life Celebration Invites You To Share A Special Christmas Tradition

Milk & Cookies For Santa. Santa Always Leaves A Special Note For Our Son & Something For Our Dog

A Mid Life Celebration Christmas tradition my wife started was the basic milk and cookies left out for Santa. But what Cheryl has done to plus it up is share a special note from Santa to our Son, recapping Chapin’s past year. It’s a marvelous way to help him appreciate his past year’s milestones. Time marches on…

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