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What is your attitude toward your work contribution?

Orlando Motivational Speakers
An accidental photo yesterday…i like it.


What is your attitude toward your work contribution?

Is it contagious?


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1st month of retirement

Today and tomorrow only

Orlando Based Keynote Speakers


(photo: Mickey and his pal jungle jeff)

Never again?

Yesterday was the final program. The final day of teaching.

Thought there might be tears.

Never happened.

Today and tomorrow are ‘office’ days.

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Is it careful what you wish for, or a dream come true?

Jet in sky


The car arrived at 4:00am to take the busy executive to the Orlando airport. Ten days in California on business.

Wondering if this is where she thought she’d be in life.

Wondering if it was the hope all along or was it simply serendipity?

Wondering how executives define themselves when they stop being in charge. You know, retire.

Wondering how any of us will define ourselves, after, you know, we retire.

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Change is the only constant in midlife

PDX departure status displat board


(photo above: two notes… the date and time on the bottom red line (9/11 5:27am) …and Detroit departure time of 7:07am on the very top.)


PDX Delta Sky Club lounge view


(photo: PDX Delta Sky Club view courtesy of a colleague with Diamond status)

Flying home from Portland, Oregon yesterday, September 11, there was a heightened awareness of change.

Not from the horrific tragedy in 2001.

Rather the keen sense of the drastic, impending change brought on by another dramatic moment in the near future.


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Dear Readers

Dear readers, it certainly is not a secret, but…

Disney fireworks from Fantasyland
Spent last night celebrating in my home town


It certainly is not a secret, but… the Internet lets anyone discover anything about anybody. There are no more secrets. Zero.


Yesterday (September 27, 2013) was a work anniversary – 29 consecutive years with the same organization. And if you add in eight more months as a 1982 seasonal worker, it’s almost 30 years total.

Why this remains a literal secret at Mid Life Celebration’s five daily, differently-themed blogs is intriguing.

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