Island Time

In praise of slowness (video)

Disney Institute Keynote Speaker
Is it possible to make being uncomfortable your comfort zone?


The truth hurts and the truth can set you free.

How often do you drive the speed limit?


How often?

This question is really asking, “How often do you break the law?”

This TED Talk is much deeper and highly recommended.

But alas, you’re too busy.

Hurry on your way, i get it (and eventually, speed gets us).


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Dear Son

What drives the speed of life?

Disney Customer Service Speaker
These giant wall art pieces used to hang in every Guest room (1052 total) at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. This one hangs in our garage. Bought it for $5.00,  30 years ago. Wow, time flies.


Our days fly by.

The seed of this speed is how we think about our mornings.

The fruit of this speed is how we spend our mornings.

Our seed’s DNA carries high intentionality or low intentionality.

And how we spend our mornings is driven by how we spend our nights.

For example, going to bed at 9:00 PM, getting eight hours sleep and excited to wake up to the reward of two hours of self-reflection, prayer, meditation, reading, writing, preparing breakfast, etc.

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This website is about our MIND. To read today’s post about our BODY, click here.


Outlasting Fear

Are we really this clueless?

Head in the sand
Head in the sand.


As adults, how many times have we encouraged others to follow their dreams?

We dole this encouragement out unashamedly.

Ok, now what about our dreams?

What are we telling ourselves?

Excuses win, don’t they?

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Joy In Your Spirit

How long does it take to grow old?

Motivational bumper sticker
The paradox of Murphy’s Law.


(photo: Yesterday, random bumper sticker spotted while walking through Gold’s Gym parking lot to workout.)

How long does it take to grow old?

How old is our attitude?

Questions no one asks us, yet questions worth having a ready answer for.

Having a ready answer would reveal the level of personal vibrancy we carry with us at any given moment.

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Five Daily Blogs, Seriously?

What speed is your life set at?

watermelon crawl

What speed is your life set at?

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