Mid Life Celebration Is When…

Go Ahead, Use Them
Go Ahead, Use Them

Mid Life Celebration is when Best Buy’s Geek Squad delvers on their promise to help people with Internet and Technology challenges.

Purchased a wireless router, wireless printer and Geek Squad installation package here in Orlando, Florida and they installed it yesterday, in Pennsylvania.

There’s now a 71 year old in Pennsylvania who’s wirelessly connected to the world.

Are you using technology to it’s (your) full potential? Or are you lamenting about the good old days?

By jeff noel

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  1. I’ve considered doing the same thing for my 81-year-old mother. But I’m afraid she would get even less exercise than she is getting now.

    I’m reminiscing through other social mediums about the good old days. I’m using technology to walk me down new paths where the boundaries are narrow and treacherous. I hope to soon be running on those same paths once I’m comfortable and I will be leading someone walking as they embark on this new course.

    I’m also trying to find a way to turn a want into a need in order to stay connected to my job.

  2. David, there are no easy answers.
    No easy paths.
    However, only the mediocre are at there best everyday. 🙂
    There’s very little I need these days, having fully realized the majestic blessings that God has bestowed on me.
    My life has been spared several times.
    Once I fully comprehended I’m here for a purpose and it needs to be fulfilled, it really ignited my desire to do something great.
    But motivation alone does not produce results.
    Guts, creativity, determination, faith, hope and love must all be mixed into a magic formula.
    Keep on keepin’ on. Your support inspires me to think, even for small, brief moments of time, that I’m actually on the right path. Thank you for that gift.

  3. Well, I started to write a response and was so focusing on me, myself and I that I scrapped the whole thing.

    No easy paths. I see that in too many people who don’t realize there are other paths. They’re not always easy to see.

    Realizing I’m married to a talented woman and unbelievably blessed by God . . . made it easy to get through these uncertain times.

    We are celebrating our blessings with another trip to the World in September. I hope to be back for a DI course in October, too.


  4. And I forgot to mention, after losing her teaching job of 20 years, my wife has found another school system that will be glad to have her. It was from her first interview, full-time, lots of perks and in the same school system as our kids. Fall break 9/20-9/24.

    This new path will allow for her to affect change right in our local community. And get paid to do it!! How awesome is that?

  5. Wow, awesome. Isn’t it interesting how when one door closes, another opens?

    Glad it’s worked out so nicely for your wife (Jeannie?).

    September. Cool. See ya then.

    What course in Oct?

  6. People Management. If I can swing the time off I will be there. Otherwise it might have to wait until Spring 2011.

    Yes. It is Jeannie. It is Mary Jean but only when she gets in trouble. 🙂

  7. People Management is one of my favorites to teach and after Leadership, the one that has changed my life the most.

    Hope you can make it.

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