Dear readers, it certainly is not a secret, but…

Disney fireworks from Fantasyland
Spent last night celebrating in my home town


It certainly is not a secret, but… the Internet lets anyone discover anything about anybody. There are no more secrets. Zero.


Yesterday (September 27, 2013) was a work anniversary – 29 consecutive years with the same organization. And if you add in eight more months as a 1982 seasonal worker, it’s almost 30 years total.

Why this remains a literal secret at Mid Life Celebration’s five daily, differently-themed blogs is intriguing.

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There Are Businesses And People That Would Rather Keep Their Spiritual Beliefs Out Of Public View

In public view, what's best, entering or deleting our spiritual values?

Why anyone would have to, or want to, hide who they are spiritually is a challenge Mid Life Celebration’s jeff noel has long sought wisdom and discernment for. I mean really, why would anyone want to live a partially secret life?

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