Excuses are even more attractive when the pressure is high

Disney Management Speakers


(photo: Randomly selected from a colleague’s desk on last day at Disney.)

Our excuses reasons to justify just going through the motions are even more attractive when the pressure is on.

Take the December holidays. Crazy. Stressful.

Are we completely unaware? Is it predictable? Does our positive attitude make seasonal exceptions to not be so positive?

It’s the paradox of the most joyful Holiday for many Americans.

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In The Midst Of The Holiday Rush, We Are Tempted To Go Through The Christmas Motions

Come quickly, a savior has been born...

We can take solace in knowing we are perfectly imperfect, and going through the holiday rush is a true revelation to our human weakness. What if we could approach Jesus’ birth with the same enthusiasm and excitement that children have when they get to visit a new playground with their best friends?

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Labor Day 1882

Labor Day Weekend 2010
Labor Day Weekend 2010

Labor Day was first celebrated in 1882 and two years later became a National Holiday. It unofficially marks the end of Summer and the beginning of football season.

It is also a great time to relax and spend time with Family and friends. Cheryl’s cousin, Mike, me and Cooper enjoyed floating in the pool yesterday, listening to Jimmy Buffett.

What music will you use today to celebrate?

When the sun comes up, Mike and I are going for another run.

Christmas Eve Joy

Evergreen - Finland
Evergreen - Finland

What Joy it is to simply be alive to experience Christmas Eve one more time.

It is so easy to take the gift of life for granted. Would you agree?

As we count our blessings for making it to mid life, let us endeavor to help others learn from our successes and our challenges.

You have my commitment. I’ll continue to write five daily blogs to help bring a balanced approach to life’s four big choices:

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Spirit
  4. Money

What will you commit to?

Hey, I know its challenging to read all five every day. It is not an expectation, only a wish.

If I didn’t believe reading these each day would help others make the world a better place, I wouldn’t do it.

But I do believe.

And may I put it in a different perspective? Think about what it takes to write them, let alone simply read them.

Enjoy this Christmas Eve, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, please know that I wish you three simple things:

  1. Peace in your Soul
  2. Joy in your Spirit
  3. Love in your Heart

Food For Families

Central Florida volunteers gather at a local High School every Thanksgiving Day morning to pick up and deliver boxes of food to needy Families.

Tomorrow will be our tenth year of this Thanksgiving Day family tradition.

A decade ago, and even before Cheryl was pregnant, I suggested to her that we find a way to show our children that we are here to serve and not to be served.

This is a simple, and seemingly insignificant act of kindness influences our thinking, and our actions, all year long.

A Publix Grocery Store Produce manager started Food For Families many years ago.  With help from Central Florida Churches, Schools, and community members, needy Families are identified.

The Central Florida Community also delivers Food for Families on Christmas morning and Easter morning, providing us opportunities to put others first on three special days where we traditionally didn’t.