Excuse whisperer or battle cry?

Hollywood Anderson American Idol audition
There’s an incredible story under the surface.


How many people has the guy on the left tried to help? And how many have bit the hand that fed them?

We learn so much from our mistakes, it’s tempting to keep making them.

You caught that, right?

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Are you strong enough? Driven enough?

Motivational Speakers


(photo: Walmart parking lot.)

The Seagull is making a statement to the other birds wanting a piece of what’s in that box, “Back off”.

Are you strong enough?

Less than three weeks for a one-year experiment to conclude.




When you become famous, nobody looks at you as a human anymore. You become public property. – Beyonce

There are books in progress that will raise Mid Life Celebration’s public profile.

A goal so ridiculously big that fame is worth the risk. -jn

Remember, none of these words for a year: I, me, mine, my.


Because for a prolific writer to not use them is impossible.

PS. Not even in emails, social media updates and comments. Insanely difficult. Ludicrous.

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Why Do Recurring Themes Help Us Succeed?

We need simple. We need key. We need repetition.

The answer to why do recurring themes help us succeed is painfully obvious. We are constantly overloaded with “important” messages. Without simple, key, repeatable themes, we fail. I (respectfully) dare anyone to show evidence this isn’t so.

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Food For Families

Central Florida volunteers gather at a local High School every Thanksgiving Day morning to pick up and deliver boxes of food to needy Families.

Tomorrow will be our tenth year of this Thanksgiving Day family tradition.

A decade ago, and even before Cheryl was pregnant, I suggested to her that we find a way to show our children that we are here to serve and not to be served.

This is a simple, and seemingly insignificant act of kindness influences our thinking, and our actions, all year long.

A Publix Grocery Store Produce manager started Food For Families many years ago.  With help from Central Florida Churches, Schools, and community members, needy Families are identified.

The Central Florida Community also delivers Food for Families on Christmas morning and Easter morning, providing us opportunities to put others first on three special days where we traditionally didn’t.