In The Midst Of The Holiday Rush, We Are Tempted To Go Through The Christmas Motions

Come quickly, a savior has been born...

We can take solace in knowing we are perfectly imperfect, and going through the holiday rush is a true revelation to our human weakness. What if we could approach Jesus’ birth with the same enthusiasm and excitement that children have when they get to visit a new playground with their best friends?

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By jeff noel

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  1. How awesome would it be if going through the motions meant we gave of ourselves not from our abundance but from our first fruits? If we did this every day, then going through the motions at Christmas (or any other time) would be a good great thing.

  2. David, this would be awesome indeed. Challenging to always give from our first fruits, until, I guess, we did it so often we didn’t know any difference.

  3. Patty, it sure looks good on paper – logic, common sense, but oh so difficult to do in my frail (self-centered) human framework. Each day, one step forward on a journey until the last breath.

  4. From reading your blogs and reflecting on the life stories you tell, I believe you do give of the first fruits. In these blogs, through your speaking, writing and at work. To your church, your scouts, family and to your God. Yes we all are human. Yes we all have our selfish moments, but the grace of God we receive through giving far exceeds any selfish desire. Once we realize the life blood power of God’s grace being selfish pales by comparison. This is a lesson you write about and demonstrate – by God’s grace.

  5. Amen, Patty! I believe jeff noel is teaching us a new normal. The old normal really doesn’t do much but merely get by. The new normal is more thankful, more grateful and smiles a whole lot more!

  6. Patty, humbled. Complimentary words like yours must surely be God’s divine generosity to encourage an imperfect soul to not quit. Thank you.

  7. David, the new normal….has a nice ring to it. 🙂
    Only the mediocre are at their best everyday.
    Humans can not do extra-ordinary things while having an ordinary day.

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