What is a Christmas Eve type of attitude?

Chesapeake Bay?
Chesapeake Bay?

Today’s five posts about Christmas Eve were written 95 days ago, at 35k feet. Who cares, right? Exactly. Midlife should make us bolder, rather than worry whether others approve. I experiment anyway.

What’s some stupid ridiculous thing you’re doing that no one cares about? In spite of your fear, potential humiliation embarrassment, pursue your art anyway. Because…

Time waits for no one. The big lesson we never learn until it’s too late is tomorrow never guarantees there will be a better opportunity than right here, right now.

Attitude, truly, is everything. MLC’s wish for you tonight is time for reflection on what tomorrow (your attitude) will bring. Merry Christmas.

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Christmas Eve Joy

Evergreen - Finland
Evergreen - Finland

What Joy it is to simply be alive to experience Christmas Eve one more time.

It is so easy to take the gift of life for granted. Would you agree?

As we count our blessings for making it to mid life, let us endeavor to help others learn from our successes and our challenges.

You have my commitment. I’ll continue to write five daily blogs to help bring a balanced approach to life’s four big choices:

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Spirit
  4. Money

What will you commit to?

Hey, I know its challenging to read all five every day. It is not an expectation, only a wish.

If I didn’t believe reading these each day would help others make the world a better place, I wouldn’t do it.

But I do believe.

And may I put it in a different perspective? Think about what it takes to write them, let alone simply read them.

Enjoy this Christmas Eve, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, please know that I wish you three simple things:

  1. Peace in your Soul
  2. Joy in your Spirit
  3. Love in your Heart