In a hurry

The Loop trail Glacier National Park
It’s a long way from the road to Granite Park Chalet. From Granite, it’s a short-cut to many other places, since you wake up at 6,600′.

The rush to get things done taxes our attitude.

Sure, short cuts save time, money, conserve resources, and allow us to rush to the next list of things we need to do quickly.

When we rush, and constantly operate with a short-cut mindset, we may win short-term, but our victories long-term may never materialize.

So glad you know this and live with the long way is the short-cut mindset.

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Not too slow and not too fast

Apple Store Lehigh Valley Mall
Allentown, Pennsylvania Apple Store


Apple Chess app
Lehigh Valley Mall Apple Store – father/son chess match while we waited for Cheryl.


The secret of life is to take your time, but hurry up.

Don’t rush through life, but don’t live like you have forever.

Don’t let your blind ambition erase your intuition.

Intuition tells us life is riddled with regret, mostly because we never see it coming.

Wondering how many 80 and 90 year olds would have changed course in their 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s had they known then what they know now.




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In The Midst Of The Holiday Rush, We Are Tempted To Go Through The Christmas Motions

Come quickly, a savior has been born...

We can take solace in knowing we are perfectly imperfect, and going through the holiday rush is a true revelation to our human weakness. What if we could approach Jesus’ birth with the same enthusiasm and excitement that children have when they get to visit a new playground with their best friends?

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