Is this the type of attitude that means everything?

Lecturer's shoe while on a tour


(photo: Constantly remind ourselves not to judge because we are not in their shoes)

Most of us will not be consciously aware of the transformational change that a wakeup call potentially brings.

If we ever thought about preparing to die… getting all our affairs in order so we can do and say the things we feel are most important… any form of ulterior motive is mute.

None of those motives matter, because death is around the corner.

Who cares about material things, or titles, etc?

No one who is counting their days.

If we could live like that without a sense of eminent death, how glorious would that be?

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Food For Families

Central Florida volunteers gather at a local High School every Thanksgiving Day morning to pick up and deliver boxes of food to needy Families.

Tomorrow will be our tenth year of this Thanksgiving Day family tradition.

A decade ago, and even before Cheryl was pregnant, I suggested to her that we find a way to show our children that we are here to serve and not to be served.

This is a simple, and seemingly insignificant act of kindness influences our thinking, and our actions, all year long.

A Publix Grocery Store Produce manager started Food For Families many years ago.  With help from Central Florida Churches, Schools, and community members, needy Families are identified.

The Central Florida Community also delivers Food for Families on Christmas morning and Easter morning, providing us opportunities to put others first on three special days where we traditionally didn’t.