Guest Blogger Erika Liodice

“The Juggling Act of Life” By Erika Liodice As we get older, life, it seems, becomes increasingly filled with commitments and responsibilities. Most days I find myself running from one task to the next: eating lunch in my car as I frantically run errands over my lunch break, squeezing in phone calls to family and […]

Midlife Crisis Welcome

Midlife Crisis is a household name. There are two Mid Life Celebration Guest bloggers who are not. Up first, this Sunday, is Erika Liodice, from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Erika found Mid Life Celebration and invited me to be a Guest Blogger at her blog, Beyond The Gray. Lorie Sheffer is also from Pennsylvania, and from […]

Same Thing Different Words

Ever heard someone say what you say, but in a different way? How’d it feel? Some might feel threatened, because they thought their thoughts were original. Some rejoice because it validates their thinking and belief system. For me, it’s the latter. Click here to go to Brian K. Rice, and his LeadershipConnextions blog. Brian quotes […]

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Guest Bloggers wanted. Ever consider blogging but haven’t done it yet? Ever dreamed of being a writer, but haven’t “published” anything yet? Are you an experienced writer and want to expand your reach, relevance and impact? If you’d like to be a Guest blogger at any of the five-a-day blogs I write, please think about […]

MidLife 50-Year Old Virgin?

Am I a 50-year old mid life Guest Blogger virgin? Not any more. Beyond The Gray posted an interveiw with me last week. What joy! How cool is that?  Pretty cool. Click here to go directly to the Mid Life Celebration Guest Blogger interview. Few things are more joyful than doing something positive for others. […]