Christmas Eve 2019

Disney Keynote Speakers
Christmas 2018.

Happy New Day and happy present moment.

Today, October 24, 2019, i meet with a trusted Disney Institute (DI) colleague who designed, wrote, and created the DI facilitator leader guides as well as the DI class participant workbooks.

So blessed by my own lifetime at Disney and Disney Institute.

Casual lunch meetings with former colleagues reminds me of the caliber of institutional knowledge i and my friends possess.

Our experience is a gift: to know and to be able to meaningfully share it with the others in the world who are willing to work hard for organizational (and personal) vibrancy.

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Will i have the guts to do what i said i was going to do?

Disney character parade float
i cannot tell a lie. Photo: a few days ago.


Will i have the guts to do what i said i was going to do?

To live as if i had only 10 years left to live.

In seven more days i turn 57.

Three years left.

The first seven, in retrospect, flew by.

In spite of that, they were also savored.

Retired at 55, just like i said i was going to do.

Started a business, as promised.

Wrote that book.

Living like i mean it.




On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.


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Guest Bloggers Wanted

Dream Chaser
Dream Chaser

Guest Bloggers wanted.

Ever consider blogging but haven’t done it yet?

Ever dreamed of being a writer, but haven’t “published” anything yet?

Are you an experienced writer and want to expand your reach, relevance and impact?

If you’d like to be a Guest blogger at any of the five-a-day blogs I write, please think about it over the holidays.

Most of you saw this coming, and 2010 promises to be the best year ever. How could it not be?

So, seriously, think about it.

I’ll never embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable. Not intentionally anyway. I may embarrass myself occasionally, but that’s part of taking risks.

All part of being a Dream Chaser. Ya with me?

Naked Man

“Beware of the naked man who offers you his shirt”.Harvey Mackay

By now, we know that there are many people who make tons of promises. Same with businesses, with marketing, with the Internet, and so on. False promises.

The real question is, to me, “What promises am I making to myself that are false promises?  Promises to be wary of”?

This is one of the main reasons we find ourselves in a mid-life crisis.

We start with good, well-intended promises, but in reality, they were really only false promises:

  • Get healthier
  • Spend more time with Family
  • Learn more
  • Forgive more
  • Save more
  • Be a better example

No one should feel alone reading this.  We all suffer from this.  We’re human. That’s what we do, we fail. Over and over again.

So now, consciously reminded of this, “What are you gonna do about it?  And I mean specifically, what are you gonna do today”?