Fly from Sanford, Florida to Allentown

Disney Construction company
Three miles into yesterday’s bike ride through Walt Disney World.


Texted this photo to a CEO yesterday while on a 15-mile bike ride through Walt Disney World, reminding her she is her organization’s chief cultural architect.

Merry Christmas.

We arrived in Allentown, Pennsylvania an hour ago (9am) and i’m writing from my mother-in-law’s apartment. Disney Christmas parade on TV in the background.

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Here’s The Crazy Thing About Small Business Startups That Should Energize Anyone Struggling In These Tough Economic Times

Everyone appreciates what a lifeguard represents, especially in rough surf.

Sure, the usual and customary three years to successfully launch seems fair and reasonable. However, the global economic crisis is neither fair nor reasonable. Anyone who willingly spends their life savings to create products and services ought to be given a usual and customary deeper dive.

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Notes from Pinch

Pinch is a relative.  He lives in New Hampshire.

He’s 50-something.   A little older than me, and I turned 50 on June 8.  🙂

He visited us March 31, 2009.  Here’s what I wrote as he spoke.  (BTW, I normally don’t write notes when I speak with family)

He’s smart.  He makes a lot of money.

He has a brilliant mind.  He’s not physically fit.

He has had more varied work experiences than most, including internationally.

He’s an ENTJ.

He speaks C-Suite.




EBIT – Earnings before interest and tax

TCO – Total cost of ownership

Goals versus needs – find out what needs to be done to reach the goals

People Types & Tiger Stripes

Lead generation for the organizational sale

Proactazyme?  Huh?

What does all this mean?

Pinch speaks a different language than me.

That’s OK with me. 

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂