The beauty of mental creativity

small town historical welcome sign
Are we born with creativity or do we develop it? Both. Note, born and raised here. What a creative origin story, right?

The beauty of mental creativity is no rules are required.

Two things must happen…

  1. You must accept (your) enlightenment to this fact.
  2. You must act.

You must (you get to) create rules that don’t exist – rules that transform your thinking in unencumbered and dramatic ways.

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Disney ​Podcast Cast Previews

Disney Cast Member car sticker
Yesterday at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge parking lot.

Disney Podcast Cast Previews.

Jody Maberry and i have recorded four episodes of If Disney Ran Your Life so far.

These are publically available and anyone can access them at any time.

Yet with the relentless noise from the Internet, no one knows.

i’m happy about this.


It gives me the opportunity to practice – and publish – before we put forth any marketing to be noticed.

And the creative spark…

Let’s quietly invite people to come along on our journey.

They’ll know it’s still raw and unpolished.

They get to watch (listen to) it grow.

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Five reasons why he can’t follow the general blogging rules

Who takes a picture of cigarette-covered ground at a busy Interstate exit intersection? And from such an angle? A freak.

looking from a different angle

Five reasons why he can’t follow the general blogging rules:

  1. Crowds frighten him
  2. Blending in doesn’t concern him
  3. Discovering new shores excites him
  4. Failing is his favorite antidote for regret
  5. He wants to allow others to taste reality blogging

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Why breaking the rules can be the best thing you’ve ever done

Gas is 41 cents per gallon? MBA from where?

Becoming an entrepreneur is about the scariest thing a person can ever do. In telling people I was getting an MBA, they asked, “From where?” I said, “From my LLC”. That’s nonsense, right? No accredited school. No official diploma. How can you call yourself an MBA?

To me, there are other ways to be a master at business administration. And if I have to explain it, you’re still playing by the rules.

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PS. Give yourself permission. You are, after all, the CEO of You, Inc. Go!

Will you keep playing by the rules that don’t serve you?

theme park lines
what kind of attitude claims: "you won't have to stand in a long theme park line"?

There’s a time and a place for everything. And sometimes what works in one place, won’t work there again. And there are times or places where something has never worked, but this time it will. Most rules are guidelines. It’s up to us to decide when to appropriately break them.

This is what many people need, to break through to a more positive attitude.

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