Notes from Pinch

Pinch is a relative.  He lives in New Hampshire.

He’s 50-something.   A little older than me, and I turned 50 on June 8.  🙂

He visited us March 31, 2009.  Here’s what I wrote as he spoke.  (BTW, I normally don’t write notes when I speak with family)

He’s smart.  He makes a lot of money.

He has a brilliant mind.  He’s not physically fit.

He has had more varied work experiences than most, including internationally.

He’s an ENTJ.

He speaks C-Suite.




EBIT – Earnings before interest and tax

TCO – Total cost of ownership

Goals versus needs – find out what needs to be done to reach the goals

People Types & Tiger Stripes

Lead generation for the organizational sale

Proactazyme?  Huh?

What does all this mean?

Pinch speaks a different language than me.

That’s OK with me. 

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

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