MIND Top Ten Questions

Top Ten MIND questions you should have answers to: 1.  What do I read? 2.  What do I study? 3.  How much time do I spend learning? 4.  How much time do I spend teaching others? 5.  How well do I know my priorities? 6.  What do I watch on TV? 7.  Who are my […]

Midlife Crisis Welcome

Midlife Crisis is a household name. There are two Mid Life Celebration Guest bloggers who are not. Up first, this Sunday, is Erika Liodice, from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Erika found Mid Life Celebration and invited me to be a Guest Blogger at her blog, Beyond The Gray. Lorie Sheffer is also from Pennsylvania, and from […]

What Would You Do?

Two simple choices: Ease up and just deal with whatever comes your way Proactively, relentlessly pursue a cure They both have pros and cons. Welcome to life – the real world.

Mid Life Lies

Do you lie to yourself?  We all do. So? So what are you going to do about it and when are you going to stop? Mid Life Crisis.  Mid Life Celebration. Mid Life lies. Life is about balancing life’s big four.  Life’s big four? Yes. Life can be broken down into four basic segments: Mind […]

January Will Be Simplicity

Happy New Year’s Eve, the biggest drinking day of the year, in the entire world. What will your New Year’s (or whatever date you use) Resolution be for 2010? How did you do with the one(s) you made in 2009? If you are curious enough or smart enough to pay attention, you can learn a […]