Remaining calm isn’t just the President’s job

photo of magazine headline "Surviving Disruption"
life disruptions come in all shapes and sizes, and are magnified during recessions


Last night (December 11, 2012) President Obama told ABC’s Barbara Walters he’s optimistic we aren’t headed over a fiscal cliff. What else can the commander in chief say? Portraying calm, even if you aren’t, is part of being a great leader.

Remaining calm isn’t just the President’s job, it’s our job too. Seriously. It is.

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Two Hardest Things in Mid Life

Mid Life – the two hardest things:

“The two hardest things in life are failure and success”. — Unknown

Wow!  In reading this quote last night, I was struck by it’s truth.

I hate to fail. It scares the heck out of me. I’m not talking about losing a monopoly game. Ya with me?

I also get scared to death of success.

In speaking with Tiger Woods back in May 2008, I asked him, “Do you ever get tired of being famous”?

He responded matter of factly, “Since day one”!

It’s a risk I have to take.

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Mid Life Common Sense?

Mid life common sense?

Watching President Obama last night give his “First 100 Days” speech, he spoke of many things facing our Nation and the World.

First up was Swine Flu.

What struck me about this topic, is what all of us can do. He listed a handful of easy, simple steps. See if any of this sounds ridculous.

1. Wash your hands often.
2. Cover your mouth when you sneeze.
3. Don’t touch your eyes or mouth without washing your hands.
4. If you’re sick, stay home.
5. If your child is sick, keep them home.

After 50 years on this planet, I’ve learned many important lessons. Many of them were learned “the hard way”.

Hours before the President’s speech, while driving my son home from school, we talked about this very subect. It was good timing, because the school is also teaching the kids what to do.

Mid life is like this. There are simple things we can do to alleviate certain “dangers”. The difference is we already know these things to be self-evident, or common sense.

The other difference is we don’t need anyone to tell us.

Or do we?

Make it a great day to practice mid-life common sense. Because if you don’t, who will. Carpe diem, jeff 🙂