Why Do Recurring Themes Help Us Succeed?

We need simple. We need key. We need repetition.

The answer to why do recurring themes help us succeed is painfully obvious. We are constantly overloaded with “important” messages. Without simple, key, repeatable themes, we fail. I (respectfully) dare anyone to show evidence this isn’t so.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    You are right on target. And if anyone is unsure of this, start by watching children develop. Without repetition to teach them the ways of growing up, every experience is a constant visit to the “school of hard knocks.” And no, that doesn’t stop when you get older…just the metaphors change. Then you hear, “No sense in working hard, trying to recreate the wheel. Let’s go with what we know.”


  2. Morning Bob, repetition is the key learning success factor. When we get older, we start believing there’s less to learn – for a host of reasons.

    One of the biggies is that is that too much is at stake. Failure when we’re a kid is nothing. As an adult, it feels deadly.

    Basically, we don’t care what others think when we’re young and so we go. When we get older, we worry constantly about what others think and we brake.

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