Are you strong enough? Driven enough?

Motivational Speakers


(photo: Walmart parking lot.)

The Seagull is making a statement to the other birds wanting a piece of what’s in that box, “Back off”.

Are you strong enough?

Less than three weeks for a one-year experiment to conclude.




When you become famous, nobody looks at you as a human anymore. You become public property. – Beyonce

There are books in progress that will raise Mid Life Celebration’s public profile.

A goal so ridiculously big that fame is worth the risk. -jn

Remember, none of these words for a year: I, me, mine, my.


Because for a prolific writer to not use them is impossible.

PS. Not even in emails, social media updates and comments. Insanely difficult. Ludicrous.

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The tipping point for a breakthrough almost always comes from here

It comes when we least expect it. From a place so unlikely.

Tipping points – game changing moments, events, circumstances.

Something we never see coming. For some, becoming a parent changes everything.


And these are the breaks, and the framework, we need.

But why parenthood?

So yeah, now I write five different blogs. Everyday. The next one is only for you – who believes you deserve to be healthy… click here.