Huh? Twitter? Quote?

“As I get older I’ve learned to listen to people rather than accuse them of things”. — Po Bronson Here’s my challenge with Po’s thought – doesn’t anybody hear the echos of codependency? “Oh, Uncle Joel, he sure likes his beer”, people say lovingly about a family member’s obvious addiction. Everyone lives with it. Everyone […]

An American Soldier

Traveling the world, I see many of our American Military coming and going. I talk with a fair number of them. And because of this, a more present appreciation for what is “happening in the real world”. Here’s to all of you who’ve I’ve met, and to all those I’ll never meet. God Bless you […]

Walking Wounded @ Mid Life?

Walking wounded at mid life? Sleeping wounded at mid life? Waking wounded at mid life? Awakened wounded at mid life? I’ve been all four. The one that works best, in my opinion, is awakened wounded. Ever wonder which one you are? We are all wounded. Ever heard the phrase, “Life’s a ‘beech’ and then you […]

My Daughter Has Brain Cancer

“Are you heading home”?, I asked the women (73) in the window seat. “No, I’m going to visit my daughter (47) who has brain cancer”. Then she asked me the same question and I asked her, “Can you please give me a few minutes so I can comprehend what you just said”? A routine day. […]

And Now For Something Completely….

…Different: If you enjoy music and laughter (and who doesn’t?) these two minutes might work for you, click here. Live, laugh, learn, teach, love, leave a legacy of courage and hope. PS.  Thanks Craig for sharing this. Next Blog