Mid Life Anger?

Anger at Mid Life?


There’s a lot we have to be angry about at mid life.

Yet, may I humbly submit this midlife quote for your consideration?

“Anyone who angers you, conquers you”.  — Sister Kenny

Sometimes, it takes every fiber in my body and soul not to get angry.  And like other lessons I’ve learned through 50 years of life, staying focused and disciplined is always better and more productive than not.

Good luck.  Stay with it.   Don’t give up.  Forgive yourself and keep trying.

There’s a Chinese proverb that says something to this effect:

“Fall down seven times, get up eight”.

Make it a GREAT day.  Carpe diem. jeff noel  🙂


Got Mid Life Soul?

Got Mid Life soul?

These people got soul, even if they’re not in mid life, we can GET inspired, to BE inspired.

Are you inspired?

I am.  Visit Lane 8 to see why.

Here’s the You Tube Nike Commercial…..


Mental wellness. Physical wellness. Spiritual wellness. Financial wellness.

All of it.

It’s our responsibility to do the best we can. And at mid life, most of us have the blessing of having people watching us.  Watching whether or not we live up to our responsibility.

Like all the Nike ads challenge – just do it.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

PS.  Did you notice the last runners legs and feet?  If you didn’t, you should.   It will remind many to quit complaining and just get on with doing something.