God as teacher

squirrel eating dragonfly
As a fan of observation, learning, discerning and improvement, i notice things. Like dialing into what this squirrel is eating. And why is the squirrel so close.

God as teacher:

  • patience
  • surrender
  • acceptance
  • perspective
  • guidance
  • wisdom

A good and decent list.


Impossible is only impossible until you do it the first time.

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Become your own teacher

Prolific Disney blogger HQ
My teaching starts here (closest windows) every morning , except when i’m traveling (which is rare these days). Photo: less than 24 hours ago.


Become your own teacher.

Profoundly simple.

Simply profound.




On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.

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To Teach Is To Learn Twice

Are you a teacher? If you are alive, you are a teacher. It’s that simple. Every day is an opportunity to make a difference. You can teach not only others, you may also teach yourself.

Yesterday, after giving a keynote speech in the morning and then an afternoon workshop, a white-haired man approached me and said, “We teach what we most want to learn.”

His comment was motivated by my comment, “To teach is to learn twice.”

Not only did I challenge the audience to take some type of positive action, but in that challenge also was the opportunity for them to teach the anxious ones in their organization – the ones who can’t wait to hear what they learned.

What’s You Biggest Dream?

Brain Power to Dream
Brain Power to Dream

It’s fun to dream big dreams, isn’t it?

We did this constantly as children, a little less often as adolescents, and even less as teenagers.

Well, maybe we dreamed more as teenagers, but mostly about  sex relationships.

But when did we stop dreaming about flying, or becoming an astronaut, artist, inventor, teacher, parent, Olympic athlete, President, CEO, farmer, race car driver, explorer, adventurer, writer, etc?


When life started to get complicated.

When we can return to simplicity, our dreams will start to flourish again.

How do I know?  Because I’m writing this for you to read.

Simple Thanks Mid Life?

Simple.  Thankful. Present. Childlike. Humble.

At mid life, there are many things that can distract us from being present.  And when this occurs, we can not be thankful for even the simple things.

Not being thankful for even the simple things leaves us open to create habits that take us farther and farther from thankfulness.

This should alarm us.  And maybe, just maybe, we should be thankful for our alarm.