You know that feeling when it overwhelms you?

  You know that feeling when it overwhelms you? When someone does something for you that is so wonderful, and so extraordinarily unnecessary? Profound humility. And when you realize that you are actually doing the same thing for others but didn’t understand the magnitude. This is a moment. Two days ago, Lee Cockerell provided a […]

Is creative Marketing the same as conservative bragging?

  (photo: Ever seen a profile description like this one above?) Attitude. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. We only get to pick from two options. Exceptional and detremental. Those with exceptional attitudes have a long list of positive outcomes from the trail of positivity their minds create, nurture, and sustain. Putting this down […]

Humbled by the mental aging process

  (photo: Three days, two nights at the Nursing Home and Assisted Living facility) Humbled by the mental aging process. Spend one day in the Senior Living facility and adjacent Nursing home and you easily become overwhelmed with the choices we think we have as we age. History shows that middle aged adults aren’t taking any of these […]