Things our Son (15) said yesterday

  Things our Son (15) said yesterday: You know what, you sound like a goody two-shoes. You’re always smiling. No, you didn’t embarrass me. Sometimes as busy professionals, the gems are right in front of us, but we are too busy to notice. Here’s to noticing yesterday.   __________   This website is about our mental attitude. […]

What’s You Biggest Dream?

It’s fun to dream big dreams, isn’t it? We did this constantly as children, a little less often as adolescents, and even less as teenagers. Well, maybe we dreamed more as teenagers, but mostly about  sex relationships. But when did we stop dreaming about flying, or becoming an astronaut, artist, inventor, teacher, parent, Olympic athlete, […]

Thankful Midlife Parent

Are you a thankful midlife parent, or maybe thankful midlife grandparent? Gauran-dang-tee I am. Most married couples think parenting is an entitlement.  Cheryl and I can tell you first hand it doesn’t work that way for all couples. So, being a mid life Dad makes me thankful beyond any mortal effort to describe it.  Seriously. But […]