Everyone already knows this and it doesn’t excite us

Florida Mockingbird on rooftop
Neighborhood meeting concluded and having another meeting to attend to. – pause and do the impossible…


Florida Mockingbird on rooftop
Ever talk to a Mockingbird? Not if we’re too busy, too distracted, too medicated.


Who is in love with exploring what’s impossible?

Everyone already knows what’s possible.

It’s the stuff that lies past what’s possible that the explorer in us yearns to get a glimpse of.

For instance, is it (im)possible to enjoy the simplest of pleasures – like the daily sunrise and sunset – in our busy, distracted, medicated, and entertained world?

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Why is it human nature to want to explore?


Sunset cloud cover from United airlines jet
Humans and our insatiable desire to see what’s over the next hill


Why is it human nature to want to explore? Because we are curious? Restless? Unhappy? Greedy? What?

Humans have always been explorers.

Very glad you are on this journey – this adventure of writing/reading five daily differently-themed blogs about life’s big choices.

No guarantees for our transformation.

But a serious hunch things are changing.

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What’s You Biggest Dream?

Brain Power to Dream
Brain Power to Dream

It’s fun to dream big dreams, isn’t it?

We did this constantly as children, a little less often as adolescents, and even less as teenagers.

Well, maybe we dreamed more as teenagers, but mostly about  sex relationships.

But when did we stop dreaming about flying, or becoming an astronaut, artist, inventor, teacher, parent, Olympic athlete, President, CEO, farmer, race car driver, explorer, adventurer, writer, etc?


When life started to get complicated.

When we can return to simplicity, our dreams will start to flourish again.

How do I know?  Because I’m writing this for you to read.