Independence and independent

Independence and independent. A positive attitude energizes your independence. A negative attitude engages your dependence. Pick one: Dependent Independent One is adult and one is child. You are free to thrive as an adult. It is tempting and easier to not accept adult responsibility and live in a “what if I fail” fear of taking […]

Discipline is essential, but it’s not the key

  Discipline is essential, but it’s not the key.   Here it is unpacked…   Yesterday morning the coach said, “You know what i’m insanely great at?” The CEO asked, “What?” “Discipline”, the coach exclaimed. The CEO laughed and said, “Absolutely.” Much later that day, as i crawled into bed i thought, “It isn’t discipline […]

Are you indispensable?

  Are you indispensable? How do you know? What metrics are you using? What questions are you asking? The right questions, the best questions, are scary because their answers require a significantly more accurate answer. And even scarier, there may not be a single definitive answer. Take for example, “What’s the meaning of life” While […]