Mid Life Crisis Choices?

Mid Life Crisis Choices?

Yes.  There are choices all day, every day.  Like yesterday, when I posted about the person making snide remarks.  My patience was quickly evaporating by the lack of what I would call “personal respect”.

There was a mid life crisis moment of choice – take the high road or take the low road.

So all I can hope to do is make good mid life crisis choices when I’m faced with the high road or the low road.  Always take the high road.  It’s uphill and more work. But the view is spectacular.

The Beaten Path

“People tend to follow the beaten path.  The difficulty is that the beaten path doesn’t seem to be leading anywhere”.Charles M. Mathias, Jr.

Just wanted to share this because it begs the question, “If the path leads nowhere, why are we following it”?

I know exactly why?  Because we get into a poor habit of “going through the motions“.  Click here to see what You Tube offers to see & hear the song.

This video song has the power to change your life, but only if you watch and listen.

Most of us also have a poor habit (it’s one of my worst) of being insanely busy.

You know what, don’t watch it.  Go ahead and continue on your pitiful path, the beaten path.  But please don’t try to tell me you’ve done your best if you can’t invest four lousy minutes.

Choice is yours.  Always is.  Always was.  Always will be.

Take no prisoners today.

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