They’ll never believe it

Glacier National Park
Glacier National park (GNP). Lake McDonald. Sunrise.

Live your life so that if anyone ever says anything bad about you, no one believes it.


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Radical honesty, radical attitude

forehead thermometer
Yesterday morning preparing for Endoscopy. Forehead thermometer and constant at-a-glance verification.


Many medical tests (but not all) reveal the truth about a patient’s physical condition.

Send a camera scope down a person’s throat and you’ll see what’s really going on.

How do we evaluate our attitude with empirical evidence?

Radical honesty.

Simply look at the body of our life’s work.

What we do proves what we believe.




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Of course it’s impossible

Mark Twain quote about telling  the truth


(photo: someone’s Facebook update screen shot)

Is it possible to get to a place, probably not until midlife at the earliest, where we are incredibly self-aware and we begin living a different life?

No skeletons in the closet to worry about.

The skeletons are there (and we all have them), but the worry is gone.

To live so that if anyone ever said something bad about you, no one would believe it.

It’s impossible, right?

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Be brutally honest with this person at all costs?

Quote about telling the truth
The first person we want to be brutally honest with is ourself


Be brutally honest with this person at all costs?

First and foremost, ourselves.

Yes, at all costs.

Take no prisoners.

Be careful with everyone else though.

It can have the reverse effect.

Pain. Intimidation. Self-righteousness. Narcissist. Zealot.

Let the fear of being condemned and labeled be the cross you bear.

Eventually, you’ll come to realize what they think is pointless.

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