Pain shouldn’t be permission

Hidden Lake Trail Glacier
Glacier National Park (GNP). September 2017. Going-to-the-Sun mountain, left.

Pain forces even the innocent to lie.

Publius Syrus

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Embellishment and editorial license

Sally Hogshead Fascinate
Sally Hogshead, creator of “How to Fascinate”


What follows is my opinion from 15+ years of being on the inside listening and observing professional speakers and writers of all sorts.

Quite remarkable isn’t it?

All the advice on the web and in print. Anyone can publish anything.

Most of us aren’t writers. So we have no clue at a conscious level about embellishment and editorial license.

Embellishing is easy. And hard to disprove. So we believe everything we read.

But do these writers and speakers practice what they preach?


But there are a few.

Very rare.

PS. Posts like this come along occasionally because of their cathartic value.

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The genius and risk of human shortcuts

Disney Speaker with Mary Poppins
Much of life is based on fairy tale imprinting.


Heuristics, defined here, may be getting in our way.

Or, they may be what leads to our breakthrough.

Alas, life is tough.

Much of our life is based on fairy tale imprinting.

Our brain compensates by accepting prevailing thoughts or concepts that may no longer be true – and may have never been true.

Heuristics are human shortcuts that allow busy, distracted humans to quickly process things and reach conclusions.

Or maybe we just make it tough because we aren’t willing to buck the heuristics.

Buck the heuristics. Double entendre intended.

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Fear is a bloody liar

Freedom Tower from Delta jet
Crazy how close jets fly to this building after what happened 9/11


Fear is a bloody liar.

Dear son, last night’s dinner conversation in Halifax, Nova Scotia revealed that your father’s fear is most likely microscopic at this point in his life.

When we do the things we are afraid to do, it releases us from any obligation to feel bad or afraid.

In fact it’s quite the opposite.

Authenticity is the new currency in your dad’s life. Has been since January 1, 2009.

Insight: Fear is nothing. Authenticity is strength. And peace.

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