Things our Son (15) said yesterday

Father and Son at High School
Last night.


Things our Son (15) said yesterday:

  • You know what, you sound like a goody two-shoes.
  • You’re always smiling.
  • No, you didn’t embarrass me.

Sometimes as busy professionals, the gems are right in front of us, but we are too busy to notice. Here’s to noticing yesterday.




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The insane notion about our daily midlife expectations

High lift replacing parking lot lightbulb


(photo: Life has five big choices – represented by five palms – and each carries a different set of expectations… that’s a lot of expectations)

Yesterday. How’d it go?

  1. As expected?
  2. Better than expected?
  3. Much better than expected?
  4. Worse than expected?
  5. Much worse than expected.

What’s interesting in all five questions is the notion that what we expect is the measure against what actually happens.

And what actually happens is probably insanely influenced by what we expect.

And this goes on day after day until we die.

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What if there was less than a week left, then what?

Stephen Hawking quote about the Universe
Because there is a law such as love…


What if there was less than a week left (for something monumental), then what?

Dear Son, believe it or not, the past four days have been some of the most monumental days in our relationship.

How can so much happen in such a short time?

Why did it take so long or was it perfect timing?

Has this been the ultimate test of patience and payoff?

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