Feed Your Midlife Temptation

Some Things Make Perfect Sense
Some Things Make Perfect Sense

We can all agree that there are some things that just make sense – there is no denying their truth and predictability.

We all have:

  1. A brain (mental)
  2. A body (physical)
  3. A spirit (emotional)
  4. A contribution (job)
  5. A life (administration)

Reading five blogs each day is challenging. I get that.

Living a great life is challenging too.

But neither one is impossible.

Feed your midlife temptation to transform to a more balanced life.

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Men of a Certain Age

Super Hero?
Super Hero?

Men of a certain age is the target audience for Mid Life Celebration. Baby Boomer men, and Gen X men over 40 years old.

All are welcome, of course.  Yesterday’s Mid Life Celebration Guest Blogger, Lorie Sheffer, recommended “Men of a Certain Age” on TNT, tonight (Monday’s) at 10PM.

Click here to view Men of a Certain Age website. Viewing it will give you a quick idea whether or not you want to check it out.  I’ll have to record it because 9:30PM is “lights out”.

Took a quick look yesterday.  Really liked what I saw.

If you’ve seen it, and feel like it, share a quick comment about the show. Happy Monday.

Thankful Midlife Parent

Are you a thankful midlife parent, or maybe thankful midlife grandparent? Gauran-dang-tee I am.

Most married couples think parenting is an entitlement.  Cheryl and I can tell you first hand it doesn’t work that way for all couples.

So, being a mid life Dad makes me thankful beyond any mortal effort to describe it.  Seriously.

But I’ll try.  Here goes.  This is simply a typical revelation, in the journey my son and I have each day. It’s something I’ve been sharing and teaching him with unwavering commitment.

“Once you learn to be honest, it is no longer something to fear. Once you don’t tell the truth, it becomes easier to do it again.”

Honesty builds trust.  Trust reinforces honesty.  And honesty becomes a habit. Simple, but not easy.

Midlife Weekend Warrior

Saturday.  Finally.  “Thought it would never get here”, people exclaim. Can you relate?

We see it over and over and over, don’t we:

  • “Can’t wait for the weekend”.
  • “Thought the weekend would never get here”.
  • “The week is finally over”.
  • “The week was hell”.

If we are truly thankful for our midlife situation, wouldn’t it sound more like this?:

  • “Can’t wait to get started again on Monday”.
  • “The week flew by”.
  • “Wish I had one more day before Saturday”.
  • “That was the best week of my life”.

All I’m trying to say is thankfulness places a whole new perspective on how we see the world and our place in it. But you already know that, right?