The opportunity of constraint

Midlife celebration logo idea
Random photo that sparked a logo idea


Our list of excuses is long. And creative. And of course includes the five universal hall-of-fame excuses.

The opportunity hidden in constraint is embracing and overcoming the lack of:

  • time
  • money
  • resources
  • education
  • experience

Is it a midlife crisis or a midlife celebration?

Up to each of us to individually decide.

Our decision to change or not change changes everything.


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This is, in reality, simply another obstacle in our quest

Piles of Mid Life Celebration books on dinner table
Nearly everyone dreams of writing a book.


Reflecting on the uneventful phenomenon when one person reaches an incredible (and popular fantasy) milestone that nearly everyone dreams of doing.

What holds us back from celebrating and participating with the celebrant?

The silence emanating from us is deafening to the triumphant risk taker.

So if we don’t celebrate for someone else, odds are that no one else should ever feel the need or desire to reciprocate.

This is, in reality, simply another obstacle in our quest to do something great.

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Dear readers, these twin demons challenge our every hope of succeeding

Colorful beads at Apple Store window display
We see things at first glance and think it is what it is


Colorful beads at Apple Store window display
Things are not always as they appear


Colorful beads at Apple Store window display
Things are still not always as they appear


What does the new year have in store for us? Are we already resigned to defeat, or chomping at the bit for the opportunity to begin another year?

The twin demons of fear and compliance. They can kill our dreams slowly, one busy day after another.

Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.
– Bertrand Russell

Living with regret is worse than living with failure.

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Joyful Anticipation


Do you look forward to each new day?

I mean, with a joyful anticipation? Not an awful dread.

This can be challenging to say the least. You have to suspect that some readers may not believe I have much experience with Hell, with challenges, problems, obstacles, fear, failure, struggle, grief, agony, hopelessness, strife, worry, doubt.

Do all of you have a ton of experience with these things?  Okay then, I rest my case. We all do. No one is immune.

Then why am I so optimistic and “joyful”?

Great question.  Some people think I’m crazy. A weirdo.  Or, worse, a fake.

It’s taken like 50 years, but, I’m totally cool with it all. Finally.

One of the secrets to being joyful, is so simple, you’re not going to believe it. And it brings great joy to tell you that tomorrow, I’ll reveal January’s “value”.