Wish You Were Beautiful!

Yes.  It’s a line in a song from Jimmy Buffett’s CD, Coconut Telegraph. “The weather is here, wish you were beautiful”. I used to travel all over the country, from 18 years old to 24.  Traveled by bus, car, foot and bicycle. One year, I wound up in Pullman, Washington and called it home for […]

Mid-Life Parenting

I’m a mid-life parent. My wife and I have been married 26 years and we have an 8-year old son. This morning we are headed to one of his doctors, a Gastroenterologist. Just before his 4th birthday, and right after we returned from our summer vacation, we started to notice some unusual physical complications. We […]

Dude, where’s my blog?

Holy cow Batman!  It was not effortless.  Yet, finally, here it is!  Hey, if you’re reading this, you’ve stumbled upon a brand new blog that may challenge you in ways you’ve rarely, or never, been challenged.   If you like to get better at things – anything really – to make yourself a better human being, this blog […]