Working at the beach epiphany

Sanibel Island thunderstorm
Metaphorical example of midlife crisis shortly before we fall to our knees.


Working at the beach epiphany…

When you reach a point where you just want to scream or fall apart, the next step after rethinking everything is deciding how badly you want to change.

And the epiphany is this:

It’s the same thing when i talk to a CEO, “How bad do you want it?”

You have to want it.

Nothing is more important than wanting it.

Without the declaration of “whatever it takes”, change will not happen.

Wish i had better news, but that’s the reality.




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Simple gets over run by two never-ending tasks

Sanibel Island Sunset
First photo of yesterday’s Sanibel sunset.


The photo above was taken about half an hour before sunset.

As we age, and get further along in our career, many of the simple things that used to fill us with awe and wonder are replaced with deadlines and decisions.

Going to the beach is the mental equivalent to going to the hospital emergency room.

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Changes in latitude, changes in attitude?

Palm Beach, Florida at A1A
Palms and beach equal Palm Beach, Florida


Changes in latitude, changes in attitude? A favorite Jimmy Buffett album from 1977. Another favorite is A1A (1974).

So what, right? What’s the point?

Snapped the pic last night before the light turned green, then made the left onto A1A, traveling north 800 meters to “North America’s most extraordinary beachfront lifestyle”.

Today is a work day at The Breakers.

In the lap of exquisite luxury, there is transformational work to be done, and guess who’s been nominated to do it?

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Wish You Were Beautiful!

Yes.  It’s a line in a song from Jimmy Buffett’s CD, Coconut Telegraph.

“The weather is here, wish you were beautiful”.

I used to travel all over the country, from 18 years old to 24.  Traveled by bus, car, foot and bicycle.

One year, I wound up in Pullman, Washington and called it home for a while.  My best friend was a Residence Hall Director at Washington State University.

Anyway, back to the point of this post.  In the 1970’s & 80’s, I was an avid post card sender.  It fit my budget.  🙂

Whenever I was somewhere warm, and sometimes cold but spectacular, and my friends back in Pennsylvania were cold and gloomy, I’d send them a post card.

Californian Coast, Glacier National Park, Grand Canyon, Key West, Yellowstone, Bourbon Street, Times Square, Appalachian Trail – you get the picture, right?

So yesterday, I’m enjoying lunch with my family and Jimmy Buffett’s song is playing.  My wife had just told our son some stories about the post cards she’d get from me, many ending with, “The weather is here, wish you were beautiful”.

My son asked me, “So you insulted Mommy”?

I said, “No son, that phrase comes from a special place in my heart.  It may sound weird to say that to someone, but I only say it to people I care about”.

While it’s hard to know exactly who reads Mid Life Celebration, I do hope you readers know that this site is dependent on people who want to make a difference in this world.

On the journey to finish the last part of my  life, I want to make as big a difference as possible.  And, I’m looking for a few Baby Boomers and Gen-Xer’s to pitch in.

How could I not care about that?

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

PS.  I never liked Jimmy Buffett because my college buddies, who liked Buffett, were so fanatical about his music, I was put off by it.  Years later, as a bartender in Moscow, Idaho (home to University of Idaho), I fell in love with his music too.