Want a mental benchmark?

Glacier National Park from Mt Reynolds
Glacier National Park looking South while ascending Mt Reynolds.

Want a simple measure of your attitude?

Do nothing, and see how it feels.

Sit quietly for 30 minutes.

Or an hour.

Or, go for a walk alone, with no electronics.

How was it?

Could you do it again tomorrow or in a couple days?

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How intentionality teaches you

Horseback rider in Orlando neighborhood
While writing yesterday quickly captured neighbor riding her horse through our front yard.


It’s taken our entire lifetime to get to this day called today.

When we live intentionally, everything becomes our teacher.


Paying attention can only happen when we slow down.

Slowing down is not socially promoted or even remotely possible in today’s world.

Is it?

Give up or slowly work on slowing down.

Shedding, purging, letting go, simplifying, pausing to sit – and listen to our own breath.

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Midlife change begins alone and in silence, but…

Fall colors at Epcot
Is it possible to catch moments of reflection even at Walt Disney World?


Midlife change begins alone and in silence, but…

But let’s think about our life for a moment. The day to day routine. The relative frequency of unexpected items requiring our precious time and energy.

When do we have time to sit in silence?


The answer it would seem, will only come when we pause, quietly.

Like a broken record… we promise ourselves (again)… ‘starting tomorrow’.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

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